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Do you play Pokemon GO on an iOS device, whether it is a n iPhone or an iPad? If you are obsessed with this game, you should try iPogo. you will see that after some time this app will enhance your experience!

What is iPogo?

iPogo is an app that adds extra fun and tools to your Pokémon Go game. It helps you play better by letting you teleport to raids, automatically catch Pokémon, and do much more. You can download iPogo for free, offering more features than similar apps like iSpoofer. You can buy the premium version if you want even more from the app. If you are a Pokemon GO fan on an iPhone or iPad, you should definitely check out this app, but please be aware that you may get banned!

Features and details to know about

Here are some of the important features and things you should know about iPogo:

  • Auto Catch/Spin: This tool catches Pokémon and spins Poké Stops for you. You don't need to be near your device to use it. It works best when you also use features like Random Route & Release on Catch.
  • Block Non-Shiny: This stops you from clicking on any Pokémon that isn't shiny. You can also set it to block any Pokémon that isn't 100IV.
  • Spawn Booster: This increases the number of Pokémon you see on your screen. It can also help you see Pokémon that are far away.
  • One Click Bag Cleaner: This lets you choose how many items you want to delete at once. With one click, you can clean up your bag.
  • Release on Catch: This automatically removes unwanted Pokémon from your storage. It keeps your bag tidy while you use other features like Auto Catch/Spin.

The team keeps iPogo up to date to make sure you have the best experience and keep your account safe. They work hard to keep the app working well for everyone who uses it.

The app has a map that shows where raids, nests, quests, and Pokémon are. You can use a joystick to move around the map. You can also change how fast you move. If you have a favorite place, you can save a route to make it easier to go there next time. The Fast Catch feature is also available. You can even catch a Pokémon from far away if you are not near it.

Using iPogo might go against the rules of Pokémon Go, which could lead to your account being banned. Think carefully about the risks before you decide to use this app. Despite the risks, iPogo is a great tool for those who love Pokémon Go and want to do more in the game. It requires some technical knowledge to install and use because you have to change some settings on your device. Be careful, as using this app can have serious consequences.


  • Great for Pokemon GO players
  • Many features are free


  • Might get you banned
  • Not beginner-friendly

Program available in other languages

iPogofor iOS


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