Toy Story Drop!for iOS



Clean and simple match game

This game plays on the classic style of connect games. In Toy Story Drop! you go on many adventures with the original cast as you test your skills on each level.

A great interface

You’ll adventure through the world of one of the best Disney Pixar film franchises, Toy Story, and unlock crazy bonuses while doing it.

This title offers hours of fun after you’ve watched the original set of movies. This game of match three or more is simple and easy to play, but as you complete levels you’ll soon find hints of the wonderful adventure you’re going on, guided by the cast from the films.

The entire premise revolves around the Toy Story universe. This world that you get to explore is massive and includes many iconic locations, such as Andy’s bedroom, Pizza Planet, and many more. As you advance through the game’s story, you’ll visit more and more places. If the locations aren’t enough, then you’ll be pleased to see plenty of the characters popping in and out as well as the general toy theme of the game itself. This works well and creates a great sense of immersion.

However, the gameplay can feel stale rather quickly, given that it's no more than a simple game of match 3. However, you can collect play pieces to unlock fun scenes to watch, giving you one more goal to achieve. You can also discover many easter eggs placed throughout the game.

It’s always easier if you’ve got one of the many colorful powerups available. These quickly clear the board. They feel a bit wonky, though, and can shift the game’s balance, posing as very little challenge at times.

Where can you run this program?

Toy Story Drop! is available for IOS 9.0 or later, and Android 5.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. If you’re a major Toy Story fan, then there isn’t anything better. However, if you enjoy a wide range of Disney movies, then Disney Emoji Blitz is likely more your style.

Our take

Toy Story Drop! is a great casual game that’ll occupy your free time and leave you smiling after each level. It has fun visuals and is addictive, so be careful.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to immerse yourself with the characters from Toy Story, this is one of the best choices available.


  • Fun boosts to activate
  • Good visuals
  • Iconic locations
  • Bonus scenes


  • Gameplay feels repetitive

Toy Story Drop!for iOS


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