Titanfall 2for Windows



Tons of improvements

Titanfall 2 is an evolution of the original title. There are more titans to choose from, the gameplay is still as fast-paced as before, and there’s a more personalized approach to your pilot and his mech.

Fast-paced and satisfying

This game improves on many fronts. The graphics, gameplay, and an addition of a story mode all make it worth trying out.

Everything the first installment got wrong is corrected here. A campaign mode will satisfy those seeking a bit of lore in the universe, but keep your expectations low because it’s nothing to write home about. The multiplayer comes with a slew of new ways to engage your enemies. There are extra titans with specific playstyles, along with greater customization options for pilots that force you to think and strategize a bit more than before.

The visuals are spectacular. Every nook and cranny is safe to consider eye candy. The details of your mech and character are top-notch, and switching them up with different colors and decals only improves on this fact. For this reason, though, you’re going to need a high-end machine. Otherwise, you might experience a few bugs here and there. Also, the soundtrack might not be groundbreaking, but it fits very well in the context.

Just like the previous installment, there’s non-stop action and fast-paced combat. Jump back and forth between different areas, run on walls, and spray NPCs and players alike while aiming to complete the objectives. Once a specific amount of time has passed, or you’ve reached a predetermined kill count, call down your titan. You can watch in awe as your beast mech falls from the sky. It’ll grab you, stick you in the cockpit, and put you in control.

Where can you run this program?

This game runs on Windows 7 and later. It’s also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Although the first game is enough for any player, this title is a strong improvement. The Call of Duty franchise has some similar gameplay.

Our take

This is everything you want in a first-person shooter. When you’re running through different levels and taking down opponents, you feel a rush of adrenaline. Tweaking how you look is a major plus.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for fast-paced combat and constant fighting, this is a fantastic choice.


  • Great graphics
  • Variety of titans
  • Cosmetic customization
  • Single-player missions


  • Requires high-end computer
  • A few bugs

Titanfall 2for Windows


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