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Gamers personally influence Guild Wars 2, shaping its future and each user's individual experience

Guild Wars 2 is a highly-rated multi-player game in the fantasy genre. Users can choose a highly personalized character, job, and even specialized skills as they navigate the mythical world of Tyria in their quest to fight Elder Dragons. Guild Wars 2, the sequel to the original Guild Wars, is a dynamic game where gamers, both experienced and novice, will appreciate the crafting of its story and functionality. The creator, ArenaNet, placed a strong emphasis on the artistic qualities of the game, making the experience more than just slaying dragons. Guild Wars 2 is for someone looking to get lost in a foreign world of diverse races and species, in a dynamic environment that keeps you guessing.

Personalize your character, job and everything

Guild Wars 2 is a truly unique experience, allowing players to personalize their characters, jobs, and specialized skills, while interacting in an ever-evolving dynamic storyline, sure to entertain both the novice and experienced gamer.

The Guild Wars 2 core game is entirely free to download and play all the way through. Many games will offer a demo or shortened version for free, enticing users to purchase the full version as they get hooked. After the game’s wildly successful launch, the author was able to offer the core game for free. There are optional game enhancements available for purchase beyond the initial core game completion. These are “pay once, play forever”, with no subscription required, a wonderful break from the recurring payment world we live in. As previously mentioned, users can team up into groups and play the game together. There are three geographic “mega servers”: European, North American, and Chinese. These mega servers are siloed, meaning you can only team up with players from your own mega server. However, North American and European mega servers have the ability to pay a lofty fee and change servers, should they desire. Users on the China mega server, cannot, which is ironically similar to real life.

The plot and setting of Guild Wars 2 is so intricate, it even feels real at times. When you detach yourself from your laptop and slowly blink into the sunlight you forgot existed, that world (the real world), feels…dull. The intricacy of the architecture and landscape in the high fantasy world of Tyria is impressive to say the least. Humans are the lesser species as you begin the game, battling various species including the Norn (Nordic hunters), the Charr, and Asura.

The story line is so elaborate, it would take a user quite some time to fully understand and remember it all as second nature. However, as any fanatic will tell you, getting lost in an external world can be an escape well worth it from time to time.

One of the most impressive features is Guild Wars 2’s ability to progress the story line based on player’s actions. This gives users the ability to actually form the story based on how they play the game. This isn’t your average Mario game where the beginning, middle, and end are pre-defined and the only outcome is you following a precise set of actions to achieve the desired outcome. This puts the game in the users’ hands on a whole other level.

Something I found interesting and mildly disturbing was the fact that users are encouraged to beat and kill animals in various worlds for little or no reason. Running by an endangered black panther minding its own business? Go ahead, slay it for some points. It glorifies “violence for violence’s sake”, which I’m not a fan of. Fighting for safety, victory, or hunting for food is something entirely different, however.

From a security and privacy perspective, the author company AreaNet is reputable and overall I feel comfortable downloading the game, thereby handing over some of my personal data. As with many accounts of this nature, I recommend allowing your personal computer’s browser to create a highly complex password and store it, rather than using the same password as say your bank. ArenaNet’s privacy policy states they do not sell or share personal information for direct marketing purposes.

Where can you run this program?

Guild Wars 2 can be downloaded onto 32 or 64-bit application Windows systems, or onto 64-bit macOS machines. The download on my 64-bit Windows PC was incredibly lengthy. I was also given the option to decline receiving email offers from the author which is always appreciated.

Is there a better alternative?

One of the closest games by comparison is the cult hit, World of Warcraft, affectionately referred to as WoW. Guild Wars 2 has a similar basis as WoW with characters, multi-player teams, quests, and battles. However, Guild Wars 2 has been noted as a better alternative than WoW for “those that have a real life.” WoW users often complain that, while mostly enjoyable, WoW can feel like having a second job. Whereas Guild Wars 2 is appropriate for both avid and casual players, without a nagging urgency to “keep up” as with WoW. The battle agility and encounters between multi-player teams is markedly superior in Guild Wars 2. In favor of living a real life along with a gaming hobby, Guild Wars 2 comes out on top in my opinion.

Our take

As a gaming novice, I find Guild Wars 2 slightly overwhelming. The lengthy installation, large device memory usage, and complicated story line gives me pause. However, for a gaming hobbyist who lives for diving into these worlds, has the appropriate hardware, and is anxious to learn the ins and outs of the world of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 is a fitting choice.

Should you download it?

For gamers looking for their next venture, this is a great download. The functionality, graphics, custom skills, and ability to tailor itself to your particular actions make this game worth it. Even for a gaming novice, the gear curve is shallow, making basic maneuvers and actions easy enough for new users to pick up. If you’re looking for a game that won’t consume your whole life, but will give you the reality escape we all need sometimes, this might just be the game for you.


  • Easy download
  • Basic game version was free to download
  • Ability to interact with other users
  • Ability to choose your own character's job and skills makes the game feel more personalize
  • The storyline is responsive to players’ actions


  • Users must download and install the game onto their hard drive
  • Takes up space on the user's computer
  • The installation took quite a long time and was a very large application
  • Unnecessary violence in the story line
  • Drinking alcohol in a game age-approved for teenagers

Guild Wars 2for Windows

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