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Texmaker is a cross-platform LaTeX editor that enables you to create documents and write scripts with LaTeX.

What does Texmaker offer?

Create documents with LaTeX and use all the integrated tools provided to enrich your work.

Texmaker includes Unicode support and spell-checking to ensure your work is the best quality it can be. The software is designed for scientific and mathematical use, so the spell-checker is especially helpful for complicated words. Let Texmaker take care of the details so you can get on with the important stuff.

View your documents in the integrated PDF reader, which has a presentation mode. You can continue working on your document and view the PDF by toggling the setting to continuous. Inspire yourself by seeing how your document takes shape in PDF form. All while you continue working.

Save time by letting Texmaker’s code completion help you out. The program has a list of its main LaTeX commands available in a drop-down bar. Keep typing and insert codes into your work quickly and seamlessly.

Texmaker knows that you may want to work on several documents at a time. The useful 'master mode' lets you toggle between more than one document at a time. Switch between documents with ease. Type down your ideas as they come to you.

Add in up to 370 mathematical symbols to enhance your work. There’s no need to import symbols from other software. Texmaker contains all the resources you need, and leaves the writing up to you.

Create, type and view your documents from the comfort of any supported desktop. Texmaker has multi-platform functionality, allowing you to work on any computer and sync it across.

The only feature that Texmaker doesn’t support is document comparison. The software doesn’t allow you to view documents side-by-side for analysis. You can however, switch between documents seamlessly, so this shouldn’t cause too much of an issue.

Where can you run this program?

This program can be run on desktops only. It is compatible with Unix-like, Microsoft Windows, macOS and OS/2.

Is there a better alternative?

There are many LaTeX editors out there, but Texmaker is definitely top of its game.The software is free, comes with all necessary tools and has a simple interface. If you want an elaborate editor however, try Gummi.

Our take

Texmaker is the perfect software for LaTeX editors who don’t want anything complicated. It has all the necessary tools to create documents and works smoothly and efficiently.

Should you download it?

Definitely download Texmaker if you want an easy solution to creating documents with LaTeX. The software is free, simple to use and provides quality resources.


  • Integrated tools
  • PDF reader
  • Cross-platform
  • Insert mathematical symbols


  • No document comparison
  • Learning curve
  • Nice purposes

Texmakerfor Windows


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