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An efficient way to manage your team

Communicate with your team members, track their schedule and attendance, and even update with the latest sports news.

Team management

Team App makes managing your members a piece of cake

Handling any team can be a handful for managers. You need to keep tabs of their attendance or when a specific player can make it to a game. Managers also need to communicate with everyone to ensure all are updated on what is happening to the squad. Team App helps you out with these dilemmas by providing you with useful features such as news and events alerts. Both functions send notifications regarding any important info to all members. Admins can also create chat rooms or forums where your squad can discuss specific subjects.

You can import your members in bulk along with their email addresses. The platform also helps you track members who may not be available for a game, which helps you find an appropriate temporary substitute. You can also note every player’s attendance for practice or training sessions.

File sharing functions

Team App lets you share important documents with the squad by uploading its PDF format. Members can access the file through the app and download it through the web platform or on their phones.

You can also link videos to your team page. This allows your squad to get training videos or where their family can find recent game footages of the members.

Team store

Another useful feature of the Team App is a dedicated store for your squad. This is where you can sell equipment or uniforms for your team. Families, friends, or fans of the team can also buy tickets as well as merchandise from your team store.

One issue you may not like is how bare-bones the service is when you compare it to other online stores. But, this function ties in well with the fundraising efforts of your team.

Where can you run this program?

Phones or tablets with Android 5.0 or better can run Team App. You can also get the Apple version that is compatible with iOS 11.0 or better. The Team App is also available on desktop computers through the website app.

Is there a better alternative?

You can find similar team management apps such as Teamer on the Play store. This app lets you notify all members of your team and manage team event records with ease. Teamer also lets you share photo and videos on the page.

Our take

Team App hits the mark with its useful features. The platform makes it easy to manage your squad, keep them informed, share important files, and much more. The only flaw you may experience with the app is the lack of a secondary security measure. Otherwise, managers can make full use of the Team App for their squad.

Should you download it?

Yes, Team App delivers on providing you with a solid squad management platform.


  • File sharing
  • News and alert notifications
  • Chat function


  • Interface needs improvements
  • No two-factor security
  • Ads

Team Appfor Android


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