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Taxi Driver Simulator - Realistic taxi-driving

Taxi Driver Simulator is a fun game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a taxi. Your job is to drive through a busy city, picking up passengers and dropping them off where they need to go. This game is all about driving fast, planning your route, and getting everyone to their destination on time. You can find it on Google Play Store for your Android device.

Drive your own taxi

In Taxi Driver Simulator, you get a real feel of what it’s like to be a taxi driver. The game starts when you hop into your taxi, which looks very realistic with its detailed dashboard and controls. Your challenge is to navigate through the busy streets of the city, picking up passengers along the way. You need to be quick but careful as you pick up and drop off your passengers. Learn the best ways through the city to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Meet different passengers, each with their own unique destinations and stories. You’ll find each drive exciting and fulfilling as you try to beat the clock and ensure your passengers are happy.

Game features

Taxi Driver Simulator" is loaded with features that make it a top-notch driving game. Here’s what makes the game special:

  • Varied Gameplay: Each time you play, the game feels different. Traffic changes, as do the demands of your passengers.
  • Explore the City: The game has a big city with many different areas to drive through. Each one has its own look and challenges.
  • Great Graphics: The game looks great, with detailed cars and vibrant city scenes.
  • Realistic Driving: The driving in the game feels very real, which makes it both fun and challenging.

Other cool things in the game include:

  • Changing weather conditions that affect how you drive.
  • Different times of the day, like day and night, that change how busy the streets are.
  • A system to upgrade and improve your taxi.

It's great for both new players who want to have fun and experienced gamers looking for a challenge. Taxi Driver Simulator offers many hours of exciting gameplay, keeping you engaged and wanting to play more.


  • Fun time activity
  • Cool graphics
  • Realistic city visuals
  • Free to play


  • Not the most optimal controls

Program available in other languages

Taxi Driver Simulatorfor Android


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