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Paid Anime action RPG

Tales of Arise is a paid Anime action RPG by BANDAI NAMCO. This game is similar to The Seven Deadly Sins and Scarlet Nexus where you carry a Blazing Sword to liberate the land of Dahna from tyranny. You’ll meet the heroes Shionne and Alphen, who are tired of the oppression. Other characters of the game will join their party, aiding the heroes to overcome obstacles.

There are intense action battles throughout the game, keeping you entertained and on your toes. There are no open-world dynamics, as you’ll follow the linear progression through to the end. Tale of Arise is playable on Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series X, as well as previous generation consoles.

Intense Anime action

For gamers that hunger for Anime action battles, Tales of Arise doesn’t disappoint. You will face fierce combat against challenging enemies, each with scintillating visuals, effects, and sound. You’ll explore your powers with every fight, setting the scene across the linear storyline.

Emotional storyline

The story of Tales of Arise is an emotional rollercoaster, drenched with oppression and betrayal as you seek to save the land. The protagonists Shionne and Alphen present relatable characters in the Anime environments, leaving you with the feeling of their joy and pain as the campaign unfolds. You’ll also meet other characters along the way who seek to aid you on your quest.

Dynamic environments

As you travel across Dahna, you’ll see stunning landscapes. As the time of day changes, you’ll notice how dynamic the environments are, despite no open-world setting. You’ll be able to veer off the road to go fishing, swim in rivers, or climb the terrain.

Our take

Tales of Arise is a beautiful story that happily enters the Anime action RPG genre, calling to the hearts of gamers worldwide. Between the lengthy story, gorgeous visuals, and intense battles, you’ll spend days loving every second of the gameplay. The environments are beautiful, while the campaign will pull at your heartstrings.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you love Anime RPGs and are looking for your next exciting adventure across beautiful landscapes.


  • Beautiful graphics and environments
  • Dynamic day-night cycle
  • Intense battles
  • Emotional storyline


  • Massive storage space needed
  • Not open-world

Tales of Arisefor Windows


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