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Subway Simulator 3D - A Realistic Subway Driving Experience

Subway Simulator 3D offers a fun way for gamers to step into the shoes of a subway train driver. With this app, players can control a train and explore different routes on a detailed subway map. It’s perfect for anyone who loves train games or is curious about running a subway train. You can get it on your Android and iOS devices.

What can you do in Subway Simulator 3D?

In Subway Simulator 3D, there's plenty to do beyond just driving a train. Start as a beginner and work your way up by successfully completing routes and safely transporting passengers. Each journey you complete helps you move up in your train driving career. Pick from four different trains and customize them to your liking. The game has a detailed subway map with many routes to choose from, each offering new challenges. You can switch between seeing the game from the train driver’s seat or from other parts of the train to get a full view of the action.

How to play the game

Playing Subway Simulator 3D is straightforward but also challenging enough to be fun. Here’s how you control the game:

  • Choose Your Train and Route: At the start, pick from the available trains and routes.
  • Manage Doors and Speed: Use simple controls to open and close doors and adjust your train’s speed to match the conditions of the track.
  • Keep Track of Passengers: Watch how many passengers get on and off and try to transport as many as you can.
  • Adjust the View and Use Signals: Change your view to check on passengers and use signals to communicate with other trains.
  • Follow Speed Limits: Make sure you’re not speeding to avoid fines and keep your passengers safe.
  • Use Autopilot: If the route is long or you want to focus more on strategy, you can turn on autopilot.

Better than before

The latest update to Subway Simulator 3D has made it even better than before:

  • Improved Graphics and Controls: The game looks better than ever and is easier to control.
  • More Trains and Routes: There are more options for trains and routes, which means more fun challenges.
  • New Autopilot Feature: The autopilot feature helps manage long routes, making the game easier to handle.
  • Top Train Game of 2018: It’s recognized as one of the best train games available, known for its realism and fun gameplay.

With these updates, Subway Simulator 3D continues to be an exciting game for anyone interested in subway trains and simulation games. It combines realistic features with user-friendly gameplay to ensure each train journey is enjoyable.


  • Decent graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Plenty of new features
  • Realistic subway simulation experience


  • Some trains are not usable due to bugs
  • Pay-to-win nature

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Subway Simulator 3Dfor Android


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