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Free Steam achievement gaming tool

Steam Achievement Manager, or SAM, is a free trophy management tool for the Steam client. You can view all your achievements and there’s also a function to alter them. As long as you’re running the program during a VAC game, you won’t be banned.

The interface has an outdated, plain design that’s easy to use but not easy on the eyes. You can search for any achievement by using a game’s Steam ID. Once you locate it, you can add it to your library of titles and change any of the information.

Top features of Stream Achievement Manager

There are three primary functions for SAM. You can refresh your game list, add a new title to your library, or chance the visuals. For the last aspect, it effectively alters how you and others see the achievements, such as the icon and theme. When you select a trophy, you can reset it or choose to unlock it.

Installation process

You can’t install Steam Achievement Manager using any conventional methods. Instead, you’ll unpack the files in a folder outside the primary Steam client location. When you run the gaming client, you’ll need to ensure that no game is active. Opening SAM will let the app detect all your games, which then gives you access to its tools.

Beware of the Valve Anti-Cheat system

Many gamers wonder if the VAC will ban them from Steam if they use SAM. If you’re playing a game that has VAC active and the Steam Management Achievement app open, there’s a big chance it will happen. However, using SAM without a VAC game running is safe.

Our take

Steam Achievement Manager is an excellent tool for viewing and manipulating the trophies for all your available games. The process to use the app is unconventional, and the interface isn't easy to look at, but, it’ll help you change the achievement details of games for those that are so challenging to attain.

Should I download it?

No, unless you’re a fan of obtaining rewards without earning them. While you may be able to escape the eyes of the VAC, it won’t be long before they crack down on SAM and ban users who have been using it. Play it safe and get achievements the traditional way.


  • Access and view your trophies
  • Unlock achievements
  • Change the themes


  • Need the Steam ID to find a game easily
  • Outdated interface design
  • Can be banned from Steam for using it

Steam Achievement Managerfor Windows


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