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Simplified bookmaking

Stash is a bookmarking tool that automatically places your saved content to a specific category. The software works on different software and has some useful features such as sending a link to one of your devices.

Auto-bookmarking organization

Stash will automatically categorize the link you are bookmarking so you can easily find it later

Stash lets you bookmark contents with just a few clicks or taps. When you want to save a link, bring up the app or extension menu. The app will sync across different platforms, which lets you open your saved content from your phone or computer.

While tagging does make it easy to find your bookmarks, it could be easier if the links have a graphical thumbnail. Thumbnails may help you browse your saved links.

Bookmark functions

You can further organize your bookmarks by adding tags to them. Paella recipe links can be tagged with Spanish dishes for example or a Nickleback Photograph Youtube video might have a Music Video tag.

Stash also lets you share the link to other people, which is limited through emails. In addition, you can push your bookmark to a specific device. This lets you open the saved content on your phone or computer right away.

Another useful feature is the Reminder option, which lets you a notification on a bookmark alert you on a certain time. The feature is useful if you want to read or watch it in the morning such as Food Network breakfast recipes.

Where can you run this program?

The Stash App is compatible with Android phones running on 5.0 or an updated OS. You can also get the app on Apple devices that has iOS 9.0 or better.

Is there a better alternative?

A good alternative bookmarking app is, which is compatible with numerous browsers and mobile phones. The app has a free version that lets you bookmark an unlimited number of links. Its paid version offers a number of features such as Auto suggested Tags and Duplicate Finder.

Our take

The main take away of Stash is its Auto Categorize function, which is not available in most bookmarking extensions or apps. This software will sync with devices that have it installed so you can bring up your bookmarks easily. But, other bookmark apps offer the same functions and other features without a monthly subscription.

Should you download it?

No, you can find other bookmark services with nearly the same feature that are free to use.


  • Auto-categorization
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Reminder notifications
  • Push Link feature


  • Lack of thumbnails
  • No free option

Stashfor Android


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