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Googlefierfor Android



Free Google management services

Googlefier is a GMS for any Huawei device that’s not updated to EMUI 11. This service is necessary because GMS has ceased its services in the United States due to legislative changes. 

Some history

Due to the trade war between the US and China, the United States authorities have imposed restrictions on China and other countries. Unfortunately for Huawei users, this has put them in the middle of it. 

What’s Googlefier about

Huawei, since mid-2019, has released Huawei Mobile Services. They made it to replace GMS, though this does feel insufficient. Googlefier deletes from and backtracks your Android phone while restoring the Huawei LZ Play. This whole process is best done after a complete factory reset. 

XDA Developer bender_007 designed this software so that you’ll be able to have more access to various apps that aren’t yet available on Huawei’s services. Don’t worry, though; if you change your mind about the transition, you can always freely backtrack before making the change. Remember that this service will only work for devices released before April 2020. 

Basic installation guidelines

You can download the APK from us online. Remember that because it is third party software, you will have to change your file permissions. You can do this under the security setting on your device. After this, you can either transfer the download from your PC or, if you downloaded it from your phone, simply access file manager.

After following the steps, including backdating your phone to 2019, you will then be ready to use the app. After doing so, you will now be able to install the Google Play store again and any other applications that you would like to. 

Our take

We think that this third-party application is right-on-time given the state of things. Although it does require Android users to whip their phones, it’s well worth it. Googlefier is an excellent service that anyone experiencing frustrations with the new mobile services should use. 

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re battling with Huawei Mobile Services. It is a great alternative.


  • Restores Google Play
  • Allows access to previously inaccessible apps


  • Third-party software
  • You have to edit permissions

Googlefierfor Android


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