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Get your equestrian fix with Star Sable

Become an expert horse rider in Star Stable. Raise your own horse, customize riding gear, explore uncharted territories, and complete quests with your friends to venture further.

Ride into the sunset

Star Stable combines the MMO elements with the love for horses in this open-world RPG. Download the game and get your stallion when you start.

Once you’ve selected the looks for your horse, ride into the wild and begin your quests. Play for free up to level 5; you’ll get to keep all the rewards you’ve earned when you become a Star Rider.

Customize your avatar and horses down to the finest details. Choose from the many skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles. Your horse comes in different sizes, builds, and breeds. Unlock more variety as you level up and progress through the game. Players will need to keep an eye out for the secret horses that only reveal themselves when they’ve completed certain tasks.

Players can also earn star coins and other cool rewards by taking on numerous quests and challenges. These quests get updated daily, so you’ll find new ones every time you log in. Take them on alone or with a group. Organize your own riding club and invite friends and other players to join. Roam around in hundreds of lands and hidden areas to find more horses and treasures.

Save your star coins, as they serve as the main currency in the game. Buy new clothes, riding gear, rare horses, and even pets.

Where can you run this program?

You can run Star Stable on Windows 7 and later. It’s also available on Mac, iOS, and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Star Stable is unique in the MMO genre. You can find many other MMORPGs that contain the same open world and offer similar progression like Everquest.

Our take

Star Stable redefines how you play an MMO. The things you can do in the game and the customizations make it as addicting for adults as it is for kids.

Should you download it?

Yes. Download Star Stable and get on your high horses.


  • Open world
  • Amazing graphics
  • Free to try
  • Frequent updates
  • Mini-games


  • Cloying cuteness
  • Subscription
  • Game gets grindy

Star Stable Horsesfor Android


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