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Accept payments for your business

Square Point of Sale is an app that works with Square point card readers to accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and cash. The app is free to download, but there are charges per transaction and a variety of hardware that works the app.

Easy mobile sales system

Square Point of Sale is a great option for small and medium-sized business who want something that is straightforward with a clear pricing structure.

This point of sale app is flexible enough to be useful to several different types of business. It can be used in restaurants, as it connects to kitchen ticket printers and allows customers to leave a tip. It is suitable for retail as it can be used with gift cards and connects to receipt printers.

It is an ideal solution for mobile businesses, for example, food stalls or a tradesperson working in other people’s homes as all you need to take payment is your Android device with the card reader. This is where the offline mode comes in handy. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to use the app, which can often be an issue if you work in different locations.

Square has a lot of different functions, which means it can meet a number of needs. As well as offering the opportunity to tip, you can issue refunds, and connect to receipt printers. The app can issue digital receipts and connect to a range of different products. Small businesses can take advantage of the marketing tools on offer, such as customer feedback collection and integrate a loyalty scheme.

The app receives software updates on a regular basis; waiting for the update before processing a transaction can prove difficult. There are also issues of connectivity between the readers and the app, which results in a manual entry that charges more.

Where can you run this program?

The required Android software varies by device.

Is there a better alternative?

No. For those that need an all in one system, this does the job. Clover is a competitor that offers more employee management features, but it runs on proprietary hardware.

Our take

Despite the connectivity issues, Square Point of Sale meets the needs of many different types of businesses. The fee structure is straightforward, and the app is easy to use. Its many functions mean that it can be tailored to the demands of different businesses, which is useful for smaller businesses with smaller budgets.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are looking for a flexible POS system, this app can help.


  • Designed for a variety of businesses
  • Multiple POS functions
  • Offline mode


  • Connection issues

Square Point of Sale - POSfor Android


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