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Club Factory (CF) is a free shopping app developed by the Chinese company Jiayun Data Technology. The Android e-commerce store boasts attractive deals and generous discounts you can access on the go. Plus, it automatically synchronizes all activities with your desktop account for easy online purchases.

Affordable and diverse

This online store specializes in fashion, accessories, and home decor. Its multiple categories boast over 2 million items combined, promising high quality at a fraction of the cost you’d find on eBay or in physical stores.

The product selection is diverse; while most of it revolves around fashion items, from clothes to hats and shoes, you’ll also find books, beauty care, and electronics.

Prices are generally low, but they become even more appealing with special discounts and new member deals. Plus, shipping is free as long as you order items worth over $20. 

Straightforward interface

Club Factory works like any other online shop. Unlike OfferUp, it’s only for making purchases.

You start by creating an account or connecting it to your Google or Facebook profiles, and browse through neatly organized categories and add items to your shopping cart. Once you’re ready to buy, proceed to the checkout, fill in the shipping details, and choose your payment method. You can use credit and debit cards, as well as your PayPal account. You’ll then receive an order confirmation and tracking details once you’ve placed your order. However, it doesn’t update in real-time, which reduces the usefulness of this feature. 

Reputability issues

This platform is handy, but there are some concerns to keep in mind if you decide to shop there. For one, there have been multiple reports of fake goods advertised as big-name brands. Plus, Club Factory is banned in some countries, such as India. While it’s possible to find high-quality, affordable products, you’ll have to rely on the user's reviews and look into manufacturers before ordering

Our take

There isn’t much that sets Club Factory apart from other e-commerce apps. It hosts similar products and employs the same systems. In the end, its drawbacks outweigh its benefits. 

Should you download it?

No. While the discounts might seem enticing, there are other trustworthy stores that offer great deals and better overall services.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent discounts
  • Fantastic item organization
  • Cross-platform syncing


  • Dubious quality
  • Poor order tracking systems

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Club Factoryfor Android


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