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Solo Leveling Arise - NetMarble's upcoming title

Solo Leveling Arise is the newest hit in gaming, turning the famous webtoon into a thrilling action role-playing game (RPG). It's a chance to step into the shoes of Sung Jinwoo, who goes from being the weakest hunter to the strongest hero. You can pre-register for this game via the Google Play Store and enjoy it on your Android device.

Best game features

Solo Leveling Arise is an upcoming game that many await and that is of course because this might create a new era. There are many points that help this game stand out and here is a small list of all of its features:

  • Familiar Faces: Play as well-known hunters from the Solo Leveling story, like Choi Jong-In, Baek Yoonho, and Cha Hae-In. Each character brings their own special skills to the game.
  • Build Your Team: You can create your own team by choosing hunters with different abilities. This lets you play the game in your own style.
  • Challenging Dungeons: The dungeons in the game get tougher as you progress. Each one offers new challenges that keep the game interesting.
  • Different Game Modes: The game includes a variety of modes, such as dungeon raids, boss fights, and time-attack challenges, making sure there's always something new to try.
  • Command a Shadow Army: As the Monarch of Shadows, you can turn monsters' shadows into soldiers who fight for you, adding a unique twist to your strategy.
  • Stunning Graphics and Story: The game's high-quality graphics make the exciting world of Solo Leveling come alive. Enjoy the original story and explore new stories made just for the game.
  • Strategic Battles: The game requires both quick thinking and fast reactions. You can mix and match different gear and attacks to find your own way of fighting.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Use special moves like Extreme Evasion and Quick Time Events (QTEs) to dodge and attack, making each fight unique and exciting.

Solo Leveling Arise story

Ten years ago, mysterious "gates" started connecting our world to other dimensions full of monsters. This led to some people becoming "Awakened Beings," who have the power to fight these monsters. They are known as "hunters."

The game centers around Sung Jinwoo, once called "The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind." His life changes when he barely survives in a dangerous dungeon. There, he finds he can see a quest window that only he can see, allowing him to grow stronger by himself.

Extra goodies for pre-registrars

Players who sign up early for "Solo Leveling Arise" get special rewards:

  • Legendary Artifact Sets: These powerful items give your characters a big boost in the dungeons.
  • Exclusive Costume: Get Sung Jinwoo's signature black suit, which makes your character look cool and increases their abilities.

Solo Leveling Arise is a journey where you get to live out the epic tale of Jinwoo. With its exciting gameplay, deep strategy, and moving story, it's shaping up to be a game that will change how we think about action RPGs. Sign up early to get unique items!


  • Great story
  • Top-notch graphics and features
  • Interactive gameplay


  • High battery consumption

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Solo Leveling: Arisefor Android


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