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SloPro is a free video editing app used to apply slow-motion effects to your videos. Developed for PC and iOS devices by Sand Mountain Studios, SloPro remains one of the most trusted programs to use for slow-motion videos. SloPro can also be used to speed videos up in fast motion.

Slow Motion 

Most iPhones include a feature that allows users to shoot videos in slow motion. However, it doesn't always work well, and problems like screen flickering occur often. Plus, iPhones will only freely adjust your video's speed if it was recorded with its camera, making it less than ideal for fan edits.

For this reason, apps like SloPro, Video Pix, and Twixtor are the best tools to use if you want to slow down (or speed up) a video on your iPhone. 

Using SloPro 

SloPro can be used to edit videos you've already recorded, or you can shoot your videos using the SloPro app and do your editing right afterward. You can also shoot videos with SloPro and apply its slo-mo feature while you're recording for the sake of simplicity.

SloPro's primary slow-motion feature allows you to slow your video down to 'super slow-motion' (1000FPS). SloPro's other tools let you edit your videos with fast motion effects, ghosting, frame blending, exposure locking, and more.


SloPro is considered by many to be the best slo-mo editing software out there. Compared to other apps like TruSlomo, Video Show, and Video Pix It, SloPro has some of the most powerful and reliable tools to use for editing. 

SloPro is free to use. However, to take full advantage of the app there's a Pro upgrade. With the upgrade, you'll have access to some of SloPro's more helpful features, like sharing via email and use of the camera roll function. The price is affordable compared to Twixtor, which requires a paid weekly subscription for its full version. 

Our take

SloPro's users deeply value it as an app. It's highly reviewed on Windows and iOS devices, and even though there isn't a version for android devices, a SloPro APK was modded for android owners to use too. 

On average, out of 3.5k reviews since 2012, SloPro has a user score of 3.3 out of 5 stars. It's had its ups and downs over periods of updates and changes, but it's still rated highly by users today.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re into video editing with slow-motion effects.


  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Flexible editing tools
  • Available on windows


  • Old app (developed in 2012)
  • Not (officially) available on android
  • Some bugs and issues

SloProfor iOS


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