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Kung fu fighting game

Sifu is a kung fu video fighting game created by the same developers of Absolve and Sloclap. The game is designed for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The story revolves around a young man seeking revenge against the people who killed his family. The main character uses kung fu to defeat his enemies. 

Sifu the game

The name Sifu is what they call a skilled person, teacher, master, tutor, and father in Cantonese. It’s also known as Shifu in Chinese

Games like Unto the End, Mortal Shell, Mortal Kombat, Kung Fu Panda: The Game, and Sifu all have themes that revolve around martial arts and are great to play. 

One feature Sifu has that the other games lack is that the character doesn’t die. Instead, he comes back to life every time he dies due to a magical pendant, with one side effect: he always comes back a little older. Many think this feature would make the character weaker and fragile, but this makes them stronger as he becomes the master (Sifu). With this feature, his fighting skills grow after each encounter. An epic game indeed.

The game is about revenge and beating people up, but it’s also about redemption. The game keeps you on edge, fight scene after fight scene. 

Sifu game features

Sifu incorporates a lot of qualities from kung fu movies. Making use of hand-to-hand combat, you also fight many enemies at the same time while using the environment to your advantage. This single-player fighting game has plenty to offer. It comes with great graphics and sound, and you can also decide the gender of the main character. 

The game is also supported on many gaming platforms. You can either buy the game in stores or download it from a trusted website or reliable app store. As mentioned before, the game is supported on PS4, PS5, and PC. 

Our take

Sifu has unique gaming features, including graphics, visuals, and sound. Not to mention edgy and realistic kung fu moves and storyline. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy thrilling fighting games with realistic moves, this game is for you.


  • Great storyline
  • Unique features and quality
  • Supported on multiple gaming platforms


  • No free version - you have to purchase the game

Sifufor Windows


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