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Free fighting game

Shadow of Death is a free to play fighting game for your Android device. The app has many purchasable items, some of which can power you up. However, for most of your gameplay the difference with pay-to-win is often negligible.

Shadow of Death is similar to other fighting games such as Shadow of Death 2 and Shadow Knight: Ninja Warriors. The stick fight combat is whacky and engaging, using a mix of magic and weapons. The title has a story to discover, however, you’re likely to miss it as the combat is the title’s main focus.


The Shadow of Death APK uses a unique form of combat that blends melee based hack-and-slash with magical abilities. The title offers multiple weapon styles with their own combat styles.

The game’s inventory system and skill try to provide plenty of variation to enable new discoveries. Eventually, as you play you’ll find the best style for your gameplay.

Play anywhere

The Shadow of Death app doesn’t have any restriction requiring it to only get played when you have an internet connection. The game will place you against bots as you play offline. However, this may prove easier as you level your characters up.

Choose your character

There are four characters to discover and play as in the game. This selection and the inventory system allow you to discover which combinations of characters and equipment works best for you. Additionally, you’ll need to level characters up to unlock skills.

Simplistic story

Shadow of Death features a simplistic tale about a dark knight’s journey. The story follows a lone knight who’s come to save a once great kingdom. With an ancient darkness ruining crops and the land, you’ll need to fight to protect the kingdom’s citizens.

All the while, the main enemy will slowly grow in power until you face him in battle and win.

Our take

Overall, Shadow of Death is a fun game that’ll occupy you wherever you are. The game works without an internet connection but can play against other players online. There are four characters to choose from, each with their own style of fighting.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a fun game to play, picking up this title for a few minutes is a great choice.


  • Choose from four characters
  • Fun fighting system inspired by retro titles
  • Simple but appealing story
  • Offline gameplay


  • Has pay-to-win mechanics

Shadow of Deathfor Android

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