Shadow of Death 2for Android


Free platform hack-n-slash fighting game

Shadow of Death 2 by BraveStars Games is a free Android sequel to the first mobile fighting game that has platform side-scrolling features like Brawlhalla and Shadow Fight Arena. It has hack-n-slash combat gameplay, and for extra excitement, weapon and skill upgrades are also featured. You’ll also traverse gorgeous landscapes during the epic campaign.

The game has intense RPG elements that’ll have you playing for hours. There are four characters that have different styles, each one catering to a specific combat mode. You can also play offline in the challenge mode if you can’t connect to the internet.

Beautiful content and scenery

Shadow of Death 2 features six new maps to the original title, casting you in the exciting dark fantasy settings. There are stunning creatures and locations, which make the epic battles even more enjoyable to behold. The various combat styles bring new meaning to the hack-n-slash genre.

Online and offline modes

If you’re struggling to connect to the internet, you can try various offline challenge modes to keep yourself entertained. It will synchronize with your account when you go online again. There are also multiplayer PvP levels you can engage in for some intense fighting action.

Intense gameplay

The fighting game presents exciting opportunities to defeat online and offline opponents. Of course, it also includes massive boss levels that may be challenging to defeat. You may need to replay the stages several times and upgrade your character before you finally gain victory.

Our take

Shadow of Death 2 is a fun, side-scrolling fighting game that’s like retro titles with updated graphics and combat mechanics. You’ll enjoy plenty of hours battling huge bosses or taking on other players. With the detailed RPG elements, you’ll need to upgrade your characters and weapons to continue winning. The sequel game also lets you play offline if you just want some practice. You’ll have stunning graphics on your Android device to hack your way through waves of enemies.

Should I download it?

Yes, if you enjoyed the original title and love fighting games. Be prepared for challenging bosses and online players. 


  • Online and offline gameplay
  • Stunning visuals
  • Various combat styles
  • Detailed RPG elements


  • Bosses can be extremely challenging to beat

Shadow of Death 2for Android

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