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 Shadow Fight Arena is an online arena game created by the developer Nekki Limited. The game gives you the chance to prove your skill and test your concentration against other arena players worldwide. Derived from the hit Shadow Fight series, this iOS fighting game promises a great experience. 


Set in the Far East, players must use their martial art skills to best one another and rise in the ranks. Set during the same time as Shadow Fight 1-3, the story goes that when the Gates of Shadow fell, shadow energy fell into the world. This time was when the shadow learned and gained its consciousness. Shadow Mind, the new Lord of the world, reigned supreme. 


Each character boasts unique abilities and skillsets. The player has to learn how to master these characters and outplay their rivals. The game starts by letting you pick your fighter name; this will be how players remember you. You then begin your training to learn the basics: strikes, kicks, combos, heavy attacks, special attacks, and blocks. 

You’ll also learn about your shadow abilities. These allow you to traverse past your enemy’s defenses and attack ruthlessly and without mercy. A typical game is in a 3v3 scenario where the ultimate aim is to defeat all three of your opponents’ fighters individually. 

Other details

It was released after the third game but is not technically the fourth installment of the series. To play real-time PVP, you need a device running iOS 11.0 or later. The game boasts astonishing graphics for a mobile game, so make sure that your device can handle it. 

The game presents an in-game store where you can buy various items and others to improve your gameplay experience.

Our take

Shadow Fight Arena is incredibly fun and something we’d recommend anyone who’s a fan of this genre of games to try out. It’s one of those games that are easy to learn but very hard to master. Create your dream team and join the arena today. 

Should you download it?

Yes, Shadow Fight Arena is a chance to test your skill and perception. It’s a real-time PVP experience. 


  • Fantastic graphics
  • Interesting background story
  • Competitive fun
  • Wide range of characters


  • Big download

Shadow Fight Arenafor iOS


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