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Real-time PvP mobile game

The Shadow Fight saga got a mobile version with Arena’s release, a role-playing game featuring real-time, online player-vs-player duels. The game takes place in the same universe as the rest of the franchise, letting you create a three-hero team and beat your enemies in action-packed combat.

Fantastic battles

The meat of this title lies in its battles. It offers 3v3 team-based combat first introduced in the third edition of the original game. You create a squad consisting of various characters made popular within the SF universe and then choose one of the members to battle. 

Each hero comes with a unique set of talents and abilities that work well in different settings. Plus, as they fight, they also level up, improving the existing skills to become ever more powerful. 

You’ll also unlock dozens of weapon and armor types that facilitate combo attacks and enhance the overall excitement. Since you’re playing against real people in real-time, you’ll have to be fast and quickly get used to the small screen controls to win.  

Heroes and quests

Arena brings new characters and legendary heroes to the table, adding innovative abilities and fighting styles to the existing repertoire. 

However, it eliminates the Story Mode from its gameplay. Instead, you’ll play either in PvP battles or complete missions and side quests. The latter gets refreshed regularly to keep you busy and reward you with new tools.

The quests sometimes come with exciting spins, asking you to fight invisible enemies or use different control sets. Naturally, they also bring more lucrative prizes. 

Rewards and purchases

This game is free to download and play. As you beat more enemies, you’ll unlock characters and equipment, which adds to your overall power level. However, there are also rewards and extras which you can only access through in-app purchases.

Our take

NEKKI transferred all the best elements of the previous installments into Shadow Fight Arena. All the favorite heroes are there, and the gameplay is challenging and fun. While the execution could be better, it’s still a must-play.  

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you enjoy the previous Shadow Fight titles. The mobile fighting game is action-packed and thrilling, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with big names like Fortnite and PUBG.


  • The first Shadow Fight mobile version
  • Exciting PvP battles
  • Multiple available heroes


  • In-app purchases are sometimes necessary

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Shadow Fight Arena PvP Fighting gamefor Android


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