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Scrabble: The classic board game

Scrabble has moved from being just a board game you play with family and friends to a game you can now play on your computer. This new version keeps what everyone loves about Scrabble but adds some cool new things to make playing even better. Scrabble is a popular, classic board game that involves moving tiles on to the grid to create words that already fit with the other tiles. The computerized version offers the same fun with a few added features.

Scrabble features

When you play Scrabble on your computer, you get some neat extras:

  • Relaxing Music: Music in the background makes playing more enjoyable.
  • Dictionary Check: Before you place your word on the board, you can check if it's a real word, which helps you learn and make sure your move counts.
  • Points Add Up Automatically: The game figures out your score for you when you make a word, so you can just focus on playing.
  • Swap Tiles: If you can't make a word with what you have, you can swap your tiles for new ones. It's all fair and random, so there's no cheating.

But, the game is mostly you playing against the computer. While that might seem a bit limiting, it's still a lot of fun and a great way to learn new words. Plus, you don't need the internet to play it.

  • Lots of Fun: Even though you play by yourself, the game is still a great way to pass time and challenge yourself.
  • Focus on the Game: With tools like the dictionary and automatic scoring, you can really get into making words and planning your moves without worrying about the small stuff.
  • Easy Scoring: The game keeps track of your score for you, so you don't have to do any math.

The board game you know and love is now online

Have endless hours of fun with Scrabble online as you use strategy and word knowledge to play against the computer.

Arrange letters on the grid to form words. Double and triple your score with bigger, obscure words. Playing against the computer gives you the advantage of taking your time when making your move and curing boredom when you’re alone.

Focus on creating words and strategizing without wondering if your word exists or not. The game comes with a dictionary to double-check your word before submitting it.

Play with ease, knowing that your score gets calculated automatically. A huge advantage of Scrabble online is that the computer automatically totals your score. No more noting down the letter values and adding up the amounts. Let the computer do the work for you.

Scrabble hurts itself with its lack of online opponents. The game can only be played against the computer, so there are no new challenges, and moves can be predicted after some time. You can also enjoy Scrabble on iOS!

Is Scrabble free?

It starts with a free trial so you can see if you like it. After the trial, you need to buy the game to keep playing. You don't have to give any payment info just to try it out.

What happened to EA Scrabble app on Android?

The Scrabble app that used to be on phones, made by Electronic Arts, was shut down in March 2020. But don't worry, there's a new version called Scrabble Go made by a different company called Scopely. It's a fresh start for the game with new features and the same Scrabble fun.

Where can you run this program?

Scrabble can only be played on desktops running Windows. There is no mobile version, and it isn’t compatible with iOS or Android tablets.

Is there a better alternative?

Scrabble is a simple version of the board game, and many other alternatives offer cross-platform, online gameplay. Words With Friends is a worldwide favorite and can run on smartphones and tablets.

Our take

Scrabble is a very basic and true-to-the-classic game. It offers some features such as the dictionary and automatic score calculation, but overall is disappointing.

Should you download it?

Download Scrabble if you are happy to pay for it and prefer a basic version against the computer. If you want a free, mobile version, check out the AppStore on iPhone or PlayStore on Android.


  • Classic layout
  • Dictionary included
  • Score automatically calculated


  • No multiplayer
  • Free trial and then paid application
  • Certain new rules
  • Runs on Windows only

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Scrabblefor Windows

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