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Adidas Running App by Runtastic is a sports tracking app. It is primarily aimed at runners, but you can use it to track other sports, such as cycling or kayaking. It logs the distance and pace of your run, as well as marking the run on a map using GPS.

Stats to improve performance

Adidas Running gives you the tools to motivate yourself to run more often and provides the necessary encouragement to run further and faster using a good technique.

The basic concept of the app is to take it with you on your run so that you can record information about your activity. During your run, and when you have completed it, you can view information such as the duration, the calories burned, the distance, and your heart rate.

Adidas Running stores the information about each of your runs, so you can build up activity over time and track your progress. This is great for encouragement if you have extended the distance or duration, or if you have improved your pace. The app also lets you set a goal, weekly, monthly, or yearly, so you can actively work on and track your progress.

You can share information with friends and create a running community within the app. While you are running, there is a voice trainer that gives you updates on your progress. This is convenient as you aren’t able to look at your phone. These features in the app are free, but you can upgrade to the pro plan for specific training programs.

The Runtastic app merged with the Adidas Running app, and this has caused one or two issues with GPS tracking and account migration. This means that access to your progress isn’t always possible, and some runs don’t record a distance.

Where can you run this program?

The Android software required varies by device.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Runstastic is a great app with good features, but Strava has competitive social features to push you a bit further.

Our take

This app works so well because it can be used by beginner runners and those who are in training for a particular event. The app is easy and convenient to use, and you can track all of the elements you need to in order to understand more about running. It is more than just data, as it finds ways to encourage you to improve.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want a running companion that gives you motivation, this is for you.


  • Tracks various sports
  • See your progress over time
  • Convenient use of voice trainer
  • Set goals and share info


  • GPS tracking issues

Program available in other languages

Runtasticfor Android


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