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All-in-one mobile sports app from CBS

The CBS Sports App provides you with On Demand, Live CBS Video streams, CBS Sports Radio and access to special events. Get the latest highlights, breaking news, scores, analysis, and trending videos for football, baseball, basketball, and more. View the standings for every football league - even college rankings. You can customize your feed to receive highlights from your favorite teams. With Football Pick’em, you can compete against your friends and win prizes by “picking” which teams you think will win. Game odds are available for football in GameTracker. The app is free to download, it looks great, and it is intuitive to use.

The one-stop-shop for CBS sports news, videos, radio, and gaming.

The CBS Sports app gives you lightning-fast updates for every football league!

The CBS sports app features every major sport including NFL Football, NBA Basketball, MLB & NCAA Baseball, NHL Hockey, MLS Soccer, Tennis, Golf, NASCAR, Formula 1, and more. Get updates before any of your friends with ultra-fast news, stats and scores updates. Gone are the days of trawling through sports news sites to find the teams you really care about. You can customize your feed to display your favorite teams with real-time updates from knowledgeable insiders.

Your feed is not the only aspect you can personalize. You can actually customize the navigation of the application itself to display the sports relevant to you. As a result, the navigability is in your hands and is a five-star service. The app is intuitive, and the layout is simple and professional. The overall design feels just right for a sports app: it has an exciting but not exhausting color theme. Overall, it is easy on the eye and simple-to-use.

The biggest reason to download the CBS sports app is to use its live video streams and On Demand content. You can use Chromecast Integration to connect a live stream directly to your television. These streams are not just replaying past games; you can watch them in real-time. You can listen to live streaming radio with commentators including Bill Reiter, Jim Rome, “D.A.” Damon Amendolara, and more. There are also CBS sports podcasts including the Jonah Keri podcast, Off The Bench, The First Cut, and many more.

Gaming is another big attraction with this app. Win cash prizes with games such as Pick 4 Fantasy Golf, King of the Streak and Bracket Challenge. You can create and compete in your own football groups with Bracket Manager and Office Pool Manager. There are also weekly prizes of one thousand dollars up for grabs when you play the College Football Pick’em Challenge. Best of all – there is no entry fee!

Where can you run this program?

The CBS Sports App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. If you are using an Android phone, you will need to use Android 5.0 and above. The app is also on Windows 8 and higher. The app is only available for download in the USA. While this is annoying for American sports fans living outside the USA, it is standard practice for TV channels to be limited to their region for copyright reasons. Without changing the region on your phone (which could clash with your other apps), there’s not much you can do.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there is (if you’d rather not pay). ESPN, The Athletic, theScore, Fox Sports and Yahoo Sports are some of the biggest names from a long list of rival American sports apps. A huge drawback to a lot of these apps (including CBS Sports) is you need to pay to watch live video streams. There are rumors brewing that ESPN is planning to charge a subscription fee. For now, it is completely free. ESPN also has the advantage of offering video streaming services in countries outside the USA, whereas CBS even limits some live videos to specific regions within the USA. For the time-being, ESPN is a better option.

Our take

The CBS Sports App offers an excellent service. It has a few bugs here and there. The score may not change on the app though the updates and commentary say otherwise, for example. Nothing worth worrying about and nothing which can’t be easily fixed on their next update. It is surprising that there are basic errors such as these from a multi-million dollar corporation and when you are paying to watch (geographically limited) video content. On the plus side, it is easy to navigate (you can even personalize the tabs), it has real-time updates across most leagues from most sports, and it is packed full of extra features.

Should you download it? 

No. You’re better off with ESPN. It is a huge sports channel and so it can offer much of what CBS offers. 


  • Intuitive
  • Great sports coverage
  • Extra features


  • Need to pay for live video

Program available in other languages

CBS Sports App - Scores, News, Stats & Watch Livefor Android


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