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A free, classic game emulator

RetroArch gives you access to a variety of games from a wide selection of different console emulators for free. It’s available both offline and online and on a range of different systems, including the Apple Mac. Rediscover your lost passion for classic games and relive cherished childhood memories.

Features & alternatives

One of the key features that make RetroArch stand out from other emulators is that it lets you use the original game discs. It also boasts unified graphical settings, which means it requires no setup. It’s also optimized for the use of joypads.

That said, RetroArch might prove to be too advanced for users who are only interested in playing old Game Boy games, for instance. For this, you might want to consider downloading VisualBoyAdvance. If you only want to play a game on the PlayStation 2 another option, is PCSX2. Finally, you can also try Nestopia for NES games. 


RetroArch has multiple systems that it can emulate, including Xbox, Nintendo, PS2, Wii, GameCube, Game Boy, and many others. These are available as ‘cores’ in the program. 


To start, you can either opt to download the stable or the nightly version. The nightly version is still being worked on, so it’s best to stick with the stable version. You’ll need DirectX to run RetroArch. But don’t worry if you don’t have it installed, as this free program will give you the option to install it during setup.

Once you’ve installed the software and opened it, you’ll be able to make use of your controller immediately; there’s no setup required. However, to start gaming, you’ll first have to download a core, which is essentially an emulator. There are various emulators available to install. 

To access the emulator and its associated game, you’ll have to create a new playlist with the associated core. Once you’ve done this, the games will be available from the menu. 

Our take

RetroArch is a very comprehensive emulator software that provides users with the ability to emulate various consoles on their Mac. It’s incredibly user-friendly, safe to use, and optimized for the user. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for fantastic software to run all your classic games on, RetroArch is for you.


  • Lots of console emulators to choose
  • Graphically optimized
  • Available on a wide variety of systems
  • Automatic controller setup


  • May not perform as well as some standalone emulators.

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RetroArchfor Mac

Varies with device

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