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Kodak Easyshare: Organize Your Photos and Print Them Online

Kodak Easyshare is a digital photo organizer that allows you to conveniently manage your photos and print them online. With access to Kodak's project and print services, this software offers a range of features to help you keep your photo collection organized and easily accessible.

With Kodak Easyshare, you can save your photos in albums and view them in a calendar view, making it simple to find and navigate through your collection. The software also allows you to add tags to your photos, making it even easier to search for specific images. Transferring photos from your camera to the software is a breeze, and you can share them with others via email or burn them onto a CD.

One standout feature of Kodak Easyshare is the ability to create slideshows, allowing you to view your albums in full screen and showcase your photos in a dynamic way. The software also offers a range of editing tools, allowing you to enhance your pictures, adjust the balance, and add effects to make them stand out. Kodak provides thorough tips and an online guide to help beginners navigate the editing process.

While Kodak Easyshare can be used without a Kodak account, the software strongly encourages users to create one. Having a Kodak account allows you to access additional features, such as printing photos and creating projects. However, even without an account, the software still provides a solid photo management experience.

Overall, Kodak Easyshare is a reliable digital photo manager that offers access to Kodak's online services. Although the interface may be a bit counterintuitive and the range of editing tools may be limited, the software provides ample help for beginners and allows for convenient organization and printing of your photos.

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