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Bring files back from the dead

R-Studio Data Recovery is an application you can use to dig into your computer’s hard drive and recover files that have been deleted. It scans the entire drive and tags files for recovery.

File recovery made easy

There’s no need to worry about lost files with this program. R-Studio has designed software that makes it easy to save lost files.

This data recovery tool is easy to use. It’s highly recommended that you use the application as soon as possible when you’ve lost any information you consider important. The program works just fine; but if you wait too long, you might lose the files permanently.

You might believe that deleted information is lost forever on a computer, but this isn’t actually the case. When you send something to the recycle bin, those files are assigned to a different part of the hard drive. This means that when you install something new, your computer is given the green light to write over that data. This is why R-Studio Data Recovery needs to scan the entire drive; it needs to separate the different portions of the hard disk.

This application comes with compatibility options. It supports a wide range of hard drives and file types. This is a stark contrast to rival software like Recuva. It can even save encrypted and compressed files. If you lost anything that was zipped up, there’s a high chance you’ll get it back.

There is one thing to consider when using this program. When recovering files, make sure to rewrite them to another drive. This helps to avoid writing over the same data you’re trying to save.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there are. It’s great, but it has some stiff competition. AnyRecover is an affordable alternative with all the same features. It even maintains the broad compatibility with files and drives.

Where can you run this program?

This program runs on Windows XP and later.

Our take

R-Studio Data Recovery is a fantastic option for recovering lost information. It’s easy to use and works just as intended.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you feel you might have something important hiding in your hard drive, download this program and take a look.


  • Manage iPhone memory
  • Beautifully designed layout
  • Easy-to-use


  • Some features require jailbroken OS
  • Requires license purchases
  • Privacy risks

R-Studio Data Recoveryfor Windows


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