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PUBG Mobile Lite is a more accessible version of the immensely popular PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. This shooter game captured many mobile gamers, but it used to be impossible for those with low-end smartphones to get in on the action. 

A Lighter Version

Tencent Games, which is also behind Call of Duty: Mobile, published PUBG Mobile Lite. The file size is only around 500MB and can run on smartphones with as little as 2GB RAM.

Graphics & Features Changes

PUBG Mobile Lite developers downgraded its colors and graphics to resemble the earliest game versions in order to reduce the requirements

The textures, characters, and areas look low-quality, and there are fewer options to tweak your experience in the settings menu. The settings also feature fewer languages.

Another significant change is the absence of options for Clan, Crew, and Armory. Instead, you get access to Season, Rank, and Inventory tabs.

Finally, you don't get a Royal Pass. This version features a Winners Pass instead, giving you additional loot.

Gameplay Experience

You can play two game modes, Classic and Arcade, in PUBG Mobile Lite. The former can feature up to 60 players, but with only one map. The Arcade mode lets you unlock another on level 10. The Quick Chat version is unavailable in Lite, though. 

The gameplay mechanics and controls are the same as with the original. You'll find all the identical vehicles, guns, and other items. However, PUBG's physics-driven features are lacking here to make the experience smoother for low-end devices.

Note that there are only two servers, located in Asia and South America, reducing the player base.

Our take

Overall, PUBG Mobile Lite manages to fulfill its intention of providing the experience of playing PUBG on a weaker device

Still, the game feels like a watered-down version of the original, keeping the same base mechanics but leaving out some of the elements that made PUBG stand out so much in the first place.

Should You Download It?

Yes, if you've never played PUBG before. It's a captivating, engaging experience and a must for battle royale fans. However, if you played the original, this one isn't worth the trouble. 

PUBG Mobile Litefor Android


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