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Prison Architect 2 - Sequel to the legendary game

Prison Architect 2 is the exciting next version of the original game, now built in a complete 3D world. Created by Double Eleven, this sequel is a big update from the earlier game, which was mostly in 2D. Now, players can design and manage complex prisons that span across multiple levels, adding a new level of detail and challenge to the game. You can enjoy this game on Windows and buy it on Steam.

Massive graphics improvements

The jump to 3D graphics in "Prison Architect 2" is a big change that really shakes up the game. The new 3D visuals make the prison look more real and interesting. You can now build your prison on several levels, which makes planning and playing more complex and fun. Improved lighting and shadows make the game look better and feel more intense. If you remember how fun it was to play the 2D version, now imagine that fun a 3D world with better graphics.

Key features

Prison Architect 2" comes with many new and improved features that set it apart:

  • 3D Gameplay: You can design and see your prison in full 3D, which makes everything feel more realistic.
  • In-depth Management: Take charge of all the small details, from when inmates wake up to how tight security is.
  • Complex Inmates: Inmates now have their own personalities and relationships, affecting how they act and your strategies.
  • Building Upward: You can build your prison with multiple floors, adding another layer to your planning.
  • Better Career Mode: A new and improved career mode with a bigger map and more challenges tests your ability to run several prisons.

All these features mean you can really get creative and detailed in how you manage your prison, leading to many hours of fun.

Prison Architect 2 release date

Everyone is looking forward to Prison Architect 2. While it was first introduced as a pre-order, the developers said that the full game would be available on May 7, 2024. Right after the announcement, all of the fans started waiting for the full game and many of them pre-ordered the title.

Prison Architect 2 is setting up to be an exciting new game for anyone who likes strategy and simulation. With its new graphics and deep gameplay, it’s sure to be a hit for both new players and those who loved the first game.


  • Legendary franchise
  • 3D and better graphics
  • Complex inmates
  • Better overall features


  • Needs pretty high specs

Program available in other languages

Prison Architect 2for Windows


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