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Poparazzi is a free social media app with a twist. This app lets you upload pictures of your friends to their profile pages. This mechanic makes you the paparazzi because you send pictures called pops to your friends’ profiles. 

The application's interface resembles Instagram, while still being unique. However, with no ability to upload pictures yourself, the app is less controlled and has fewer over-edited pictures. This aspect is more inviting as a social experience than alternatives such as Twitter or Facebook.

Simplistic interface

The Poparazzi APK is simple in design, with a dark theme and white text. The five main areas of the app are profile, notifications, feed, camera, and search, which are located on a hot bar. 

Most of the interface is incredibly similar to Instagram, with a different theme and few minor changes. If you've used Instagram before, you won't have any issues navigating through this application.

Different than other social media

Poparazzi aims to take away the focus that social media places on us. Instead of selfies and pictures of your own life, you take photos and videos of friends or family and send these pops to their profile. There’s no way to upload selfies or pictures of yourself without a second account.

Share to social media

Once someone uploads a picture to your profile, you'll have the option to send the image to another social media platform. The available services that feature the share function include Snapchat and Instagram. Additionally, you can send pictures through iMessage.

Become a paparazzi

The goal of the Poparazzi app is to turn your focus away from yourself and towards your friends. As you take pictures of others, you can focus on memories with others. This action turns you into the paparazzi of your friends.

Our take

Overall, Poparazzi is a brilliant concept that makes your friends the center of attention. The app promotes taking pictures of others rather than placing all the attention on yourself. However, while this is a fun system, it isn't a replacement for any existing social media.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for a new way to experience social media, the app is a great option to download.


  • Simplistic Interface
  • Post to your friend’s profile
  • Shine the spotlight on your friends
  • Photos are shareable to other platforms


  • Anyone can post photos

Poparazzifor iOS


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