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Disposable camera simulation app

Dispo is a free camera app that simulates the function of a disposable camera. The app was developed by David Dobrik.


When using Dispo, you can take a picture, which will develop each day at 9 am. Until then, the photos are unavailable and you must wait for the eventual notification.

After your photos have been taken and developed, they can be sorted into named folders within the app. These folders are presented as rolls of film and can be color-coded. Once these rolls are developed, you can use an additional feature to share them with others.

Dispo has an integrated, invite-only social media feature. The app allows you to share photos and rolls with friends who you’ve invited. Alongside this, you can invite friends to share in a roll of film and add pictures to the folder together.


The primary feature of the Dispo disposable camera app is also its greatest flaw. The strict wait time between taking photos and being able to see them in the app can be seen as pointless and even frustrating. Regardless of when the picture is taken, you must wait until 9 am for the pictures to develop.

The wait for developing photos will vary greatly depending on the time of day you use the app. 

Some reviews mention that there’s a lack of privacy when viewing the apps rolls. This is due to all the rolls being openly viewable once they’re developed. Additionally, there are annoying ads that can only be removed through a premium subscription.


The premise for this app is relatively unique, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t competitors. Apps like KD Pro Disposable Camera allow you to experience the feel of a disposable camera as well. Filters on Instagram allow for a similar experience; Instagram is a competitor because you can share your images with friends.

Our take

Dispo is an app based around fulfilling a need for nostalgia and camaraderie. It does this by offering both the function of a disposable camera and a social media aspect in one app.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you want to experience a free disposable camera app with friends


  • Freemium
  • Nostalgic


  • Low customization
  • Intrusive ads

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Dispofor iOS


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