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Catch them all

This spin-off is an adventure game focused on building a team of trainers and taking your Pokémon to battle. The twist on a classic game refreshes the format while still bringing you well-known characters.

Nostalgic entertainment

Pokémon Masters plunges you back into a familiar world with some fun gameplay but little to offer in terms of interface and multiplayer.

The Pokémon vibe that you know and love is apparent throughout this game, especially with the appearance of familiar characters from previous storylines and games. It’s a nod to the fans. You’ll be happy to see that the animation and graphics don’t disappoint, making for some serious eye candy.

There is a good storyline initially involved and a specific route to progress through the battles, keeping you occupied constantly. Sadly, though, the story is short. More emphasis is given to strategy than in other Pokémon games. Real-time battles require you to select the right type of Pokémon and time your moves accordingly to win.

The storyline has its limits, though. Once you have explored the main elements, you can become easily bored. Additional storylines, or allowing battles against online opponents, would help to improve the longevity and replayability of the game.

The gameplay also gets repetitive after a certain point; the fact that you might need to spend a lot of gems to progress is frustrating. Playing the game in short bursts improves the experience. The interface remains uncomfortable, though. Moving between menus is time-consuming and not easy to navigate as there is no repeat or home button.

Where can you run this program?

This game is available on Android 5.0 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

No. For fans, this comes the closest to the original Pokémon game. If you’re interested in the pure and unaltered original experience, you should try your hand at Pokemon Quest.

Our take

It’s worth playing this app just for the well-known characters and good graphics. Although there are some irritating aspects regarding gameplay, they don’t spoil your enjoyment enough to ignore this game entirely.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are a fan looking for the conventional Pokemon game with a twist, this will tick the box.


  • Good visuals
  • Live battles
  • Features fan favorites


  • No online multiplayer
  • Limited storyline
  • Repetitive
  • Uncomfortable menus

Pokémon Mastersfor Android


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