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Free multi-purpose search engine

Petal Search is Huawei's official search engine. It started mainly as a tool to find, install, and update apps not yet on its AppGallery, but is evolving into a viable alternative. Developed by Aspiegel, it keeps adding features and teams with partners like Qwant and Yandex to benefit from their search technologies. 

Finding your apps, no matter where

Since Huawei’s phone users can’t download their apps anymore from the Google PlayStore, they rely on the Chinese brand’s AppGallery store. The company is working to have the most popular apps available through it, but many are still missing there. They are available on their official sites, though, or on other well-known Android repositories.

Petal Search frees the users from the need to browse all those sources one by one. It’s based on a search engine that scans AppGallery together with other sites. The outcome lists top-rated AppGallery downloads, the official app’s homepage, and other repositories. It also offers the feature to check the apps installed on your phone and looks for updates.

Beyond the app stores

Petal’s development continues expanding its research functions. It added search services for shopping, maps, news, images, and videos. It isn’t the only Android app to offer them, with rivals like Amazon Shopping or ShopSavy. Its strength, anyway, resides in its versatility, its localization features that focus on the activities nearer to you, and in the privacy settings’ personalization. 

Can you trust Huawei for privacy and security?

The app offers an incognito mode and was certified by the European Privacy Seal for GDPR compliance. It also features parental control, and it cooperates with copyright organizations. The main security issues can reside in the sites you download apps from, but the search engine will highlight the sources that offer the best security controls and certifications.

Our take

Finally, a versatile search engine for those who need a valid alternative to Google and its apps managing and multi-kind searches. It lets you look for what you need both on the web and your mobile device, with highly personalizable privacy settings, also available for non-Huawei phones.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you have a Huawei phone because it will simplify your app management. It is also available for other Android devices so it's worth checking out if you want an alternative to Google services.


  • Free, and easy to download and install
  • Allows comfortable search, install and update of apps
  • Many languages available
  • Available for Android phones


  • Partnerships with commercial sites still developing

Program available in other languages

Petal Searchfor Android

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