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Free operating system

Harmony OS is a free operating system designed for Huawei phones and tablets. The OS offers a range of features and also supports the use of Android apps. Using the software is different than most OS apps and the configuration of the interface can be confusing since items are located in other areas.

Harmony OS isn’t the only available operating system for your mobile device. If you prefer an Android OS, Android 12 beta is a quick way to try out the OS. Additionally, you may find tools such as KingRoot useful if you dislike your current operating system.

In-charge of your device

Harmony OS emphasizes giving you control of your mobile device. Through the side menu, you’ll find options that resemble the iOS menu. Here you can activate WiFi, Bluetooth, Select, and many other options. The menu is in-depth and easy to understand.

Supported phones

Harmony OS is available for many Huawei devices, including the P40, Mate 40, and Mate 30 series phones. Older devices such as the Mate 10, P20, and P10 series of smartphones will eventually need to download the new operating system.


Giving you control over your widgets, Harmony OS allows you to place widgets and apps on your home screen quickly. Widgets have multiple sizes, ideal for creating your perfect home screen with all your frequently used tools at your fingertips.

Android support

Harmony OS supports android applications and doesn’t disable the use of Google. The operating system itself has many similarities to Android and iOS, making it easy for new users to adapt to the device.


Harmony OS has an interface that creates the illusion of depth. This aspect is pleasing to view and doesn’t interfere with how easily you can navigate through menus. With a simple swipe, you’ll have all your basic options on your screen. 

Our take

Overall, Harmony OS is a great option to install on your mobile device and provides plenty of features. The operating system still supports Android apps, allowing users to pick between those and Huawei specific apps freely. However, the software may lack support from Android app developers due to its difference in design.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re tired of Android or have a Huawei mobile device, this operating system is a great alternative to install.


  • Controls apps and widgets
  • Variety of widget sizes
  • Allows for quick control of your mobile device
  • Share your screen


  • Not as widely supported as Android

Program available in other languages

Harmony OSfor Android


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