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Find the lowest prices in town

Save time with this database of products and prices. With most major retailers on-board, finding the best price is easier than you think. Scan the product you want and let the program do the rest.

Fast and easy to use

You can use ShopSavvy to quickly scan products and compare prices offered at other retailers.

ShopSavvy has the potential to make long rides for great deals obsolete. You can compare pricing at any time across a range of products and stores.

All it takes is a quick scan of the barcode on the product you’re interested in. The app will do the rest.

With the vast majority of major retail stores on board, your screen is populated with every place with the same product and its respective price.

The smart tool has a built-in QR code reader; all you have to do is allow the application to access your phone's camera.

One of the features that need to be looked into on the platform is the ability to click through to a store’s online site. There are no links to the shop next to the product, making it difficult to make a quick purchase online if you so desire.

The searches can take a long time to run. If you’re pressed for time, this can add some frustration to the process. A lack of updated prices is another setback. When it’s finally time to make a purchase, you’ll likely find out that an item is a few dollars more expensive than you’d thought. This makes it almost impossible to use this app on a budget.

Where can you run this program?

You can run ShopSavvy on Android devices that have version 4.1 and later installed.

Is there a better alternative?

No. The app presents a great concept but needs a bit of attention to some details. At this stage, third-party people cannot update or edit any of the information. If this was possible, it might enhance the overall experience. It’s leaps ahead of Quickmark, however.

Our take

Most people welcome any opportunity to save money, and this isn’t any different. With a few tweaks and upgrades, this platform is guaranteed to grow in popularity.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a fast solution to compare prices and find the best deal, this price tool is a great addition to your app library.


  • Links retailers for the best deals
  • Scan barcodes
  • QR code reader


  • Lack of price updates
  • Long search times

Program available in other languages

ShopSavvyfor Android


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