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A physics-based party game

Party Animals is a party game by Recreate Games. The developer published the latest demo version of all the fuzzy action, but the release date is yet to be announced. From the looks of it, the multiple modes promise a lot of fun.


This Fall Guys-lookalike has you battling your friends while taking the forms of adorable animal avatars. 

While it thrilled players to see first glimpses of the game, it’s still too early to tell all it has in store. Recreate Games first showed a teaser in June during the Steam game festival, but it was as short as it was sweet. 

When it comes to the official release date, it’s set to late 2020, which doesn’t tell you much. What is already public is that this multiplayer title will be available online and locally, making it ideal for any party, as long as you’re ready to pay for it.


This action game has you relying on physics to control your avatars. You’ll brawl with other players, attempting to throw them off various platforms.

There’ll be several modes to enjoy, adding a need for strategic thinking here and there. The most promising is the battle royale mode, with the ‘last player standing’ end goal. 

It’s not all about fighting, either. A lot of times, you’ll need to cooperate, too, making this one a title for all player types. For now, it’s announced only for Windows, but the developers announced potential console availability, too.


The graphics are among the most significant selling points of this new game. From the cute, fuzzy animals, to their ragdoll movement style, it’s superbly goofy and wholesome. 

Our take

The release of Fall Guys satisfied everybody’s need for a bit of wholesome, harmless fun. It also showed how easily people connect with and start appreciating such games, making Party Animals a title to look forward to enjoying with your friends. 

Should You Download It?

Yes. If you like party games and all things adorable, you’ll fall in love with Party Animals in no time. However, if you’re more of a lone-wolf gamer who prefers deep strategy, skip this one.


  • Multiple game modes
  • Online and offline multiplayer
  • Adorable graphics


  • Still no official release date

Party Animalsfor Windows


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