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Realistic Windows first-person shooter game

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare by developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision is a ground-breaking military shooting game. You’ll play from the first-person perspective, working solo to stop world destruction or taking down opponents on the online battlefield. Everything is slick and to-the-point, making this title an all-time-favorite.

Genre-defining shooter

Previous releases from the Call of Duty (CoD) franchise all took place against the scenery of World War II. Modern Warfare came out in 2007 and took the combat to a contemporary setting. Like Counter-Strike and Halo, it’s one of the most acclaimed titles in the genre today. 

Even by modern standards, the graphics look fantastic, and the gameplay is brimming with action. The arsenal of over 70 rifles and machine guns all look realistic, immersing you into the storyline.

Immersive campaign

The single-player campaign mode is the main focus of this game as you take on the role of a rookie soldier. The British Special Air Service sent you on a black ops mission to stop the third World War from happening. 

The grimy plot sends you on various missions to assassinate targets. You’ll visit iconic war locations and run into collectible items that unlock cheat codes, adding re-playability to the campaign.

Fast-paced multiplayer

The multiplayer mode has you playing online against other gamers. It lets you customize your gear to best suit the battlefield and your playstyle. The interface offers easy matchmaking and a leaderboard to keep track of the top shooters. 

Moreover, you’ll gather experience points for each successful mission, which grants you perks and unlockable objects to boost your power level. 

Several game modes, such as Free-for-All and Team Deathmatch, provide endless entertainment with friends or in-game strangers. There are also ‘killstreak’ prizes to award the best players. 

The only downside to multiplayer is that the progression system quickly gets repetitive, not adding new challenges at higher levels.

Our take

Overall, CoD 4 stands the test of time and remains among the top action games available. It’s precise, gritty, and thoroughly immersive; its multiple game modes make it anything but dull.

Should you download it?

Yes. This one is a must-play for any first-person shooter fan. Its quality beats the host of more recent releases.


  • Excellent design
  • Realistic weapons
  • Engaging campaign
  • Unlockable cheats
  • Fantastic multiplayer mode


  • Repetitive leveling system

Program available in other languages

Call of Duty 4for Windows


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