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Paid video streaming service

You may have noticed, but paid online video streaming services have completely revolutionized the way people consume their favorite TV shows. CBS All Access launched in 2014 and has seen growth in subsequent financial quarters. Since then, Paramount Plus has taken over as the rebranded facade of the ‘Over-The-Top’ (OTT) service. The rebrand will mean the availability of more of your favorite shows and fresh content.

Software requirements

As with most subscription video services, software requirements are minimal. In other words, if you can watch YouTube videos, you’ll be able to watch video content on the platform.

However, the majority of the content on the platform is in HD. Watching these HD formats is data-intensive, therefore a decent data plan is necessary, but an unlimited data plan is recommended.

Plans and competitors

Plans for Paramount Plus are structured around commercials. There are two plans available; the ‘Limited Commercial’ and ‘Commercial free’ offerings. The ‘Commercial free’ option even lets you download and play content offline.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are leaders in the on-demand OTT field. Disney+ and HBO Max have made huge strides in the market too, keeping up with demand from viewers. Plans for Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney+ base their offerings on similar concepts and vary in price.

Keep in mind that ViacomCBS has induced the change to their platform to absorb and feature content from their other brands. This update from All Access to Paramount Plus will essentially create a massive online repository of audio-visual options. ViacomCBS provides sports fans with UEFA Champions League and Europa League games.

Our take

Paramount Plus has all the makings of a wonderful product. The platform looks uncluttered but vibrant enough to keep you browsing for more content. Plans are reasonably priced and the inclusion of sports programming makes this a hit among sports fans. 

Should you download it

Yes. This is an offering you should definitely try. You can cancel at any time because there aren’t any contracts tethered to your service. If you’re early enough, you can even get 50% off the first year of an annual sub.


  • Premium sports programming included
  • Almost unending library of shows
  • Cancel your service any time
  • Shows can be watched offline
  • 15% discount on annual memberships


  • ViacomCBS has lagged behind competitors in the past
  • Highly data intensive

Program available in other languages

Paramount+for Windows

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