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A hub for video content

Stremio makes it possible for users to watch online video content from several famous sites and organize all their viewing interests in one place.

Get your shows

Once you create an account, you start making your library. There, you will keep track of the series, channels, and movies you regularly watch.

There are many streaming options available, but Stremio is a bit different. It aims to create and improve the experience of a home theater PC. Three main features comprise this service - the streaming, search option, and library. They are all further developed to meet your needs in greater detail.

There’s also a search option where you can find content along with its information and synopsis.

The streaming is straightforward and includes free sources as well as paid services. Select a title you want to watch, and you will see the prices of HD and standard resolution, and the available sources. You’ll also find some handy features including subtitles, social media sharing, streaming on your network and more.

Those who watch a lot of movies and TV series will enjoy the calendar options, which allow you to track the release dates and available sources for the content of your choice. Naturally, there will also be recommendations for other shows you may like based on the acquired information.

Where can you run this program?

This program is primarily for Windows, and it runs on Windows 7 and later versions. Besides, you can use it on your Mac, Android, and Apple device.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Kodi is a good free alternative to Stremio, which also offers free TV, movies, and much more.

Our take

Stremio is an excellent entertainment hub to enhance the home cinema experience. It’s far from redundant, but a mixture of the best many other streaming services have to offer.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you spend a lot of time watching video content, you will find it highly beneficial.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Operates across various devices
  • No buffering
  • A lightweight program


  • In-app advertisements can be annoying
  • Not all shows available

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Stremiofor Windows


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