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Paragon Pioneers 2 - Build an empire in this idle game

Paragon Pioneers 2 stands out in the gaming world, especially for those who love building cities and managing resources. This sequel takes the good parts of the first game and adds much more, offering players a lot of new content that keeps them hooked for months. The game is all about growing your empire on customizable islands, making smart choices to meet your citizens' needs. This game is available on different platforms and this page refers to its Android version.

What is Paragon Pioneers 2 about?

Paragon Pioneers 2 is a deep simulation where players get to really dig into building an empire. Here are some key features that make this game special:

  • Build Your Empire: You can pick from over 300 different buildings to create your empire.
  • Make Goods: There are over 130 types of goods to produce, which are crucial for your city to thrive.
  • Choose Your Path: With more than 200 unique perks, you can shape how you play and improve your empire.
  • Explore and Conquer: The game includes three different areas, each with its own challenges and opportunities.
  • Play Anytime: You can play without ads and without needing to be online, which makes for a smooth gaming experience.
  • Customize Your World: Every island is different, and you can change the game’s difficulty to match how you want to play.

Quiet different compared to the first game

Paragon Pioneers 2 distinguishes itself from its predecessor with several significant upgrades and new features that enrich the gaming experience:

New Major Features:

  • A completely revamped research system introduces over 200 unique perks that deeply influence gameplay dynamics.
  • Players can explore three new regions, each with distinct mechanics and exclusive production chains, tailored to various strategic approaches.

Double the Content:

  • The introduction of rivers and the ability to construct water mills bring new strategic elements to island development.
  • The game now boasts more than double the number of buildings, goods, and units found in the first installment, along with even more complex production chains to master.

Graphical Overhaul:

  • Enhanced visuals bring the medieval/fantasy world to life with dynamic water effects and more vivid graphics.
  • Watch as your inhabitants carry goods across bustling towns and ships dock at your burgeoning ports.

Improved Interface:

  • Optimized for tablet use in landscape mode, the game features a refined menu structure.
  • Trading routes and overall navigation have been streamlined for better user experience.

Community-Driven Enhancements:

  • Numerous quality-of-life improvements have been implemented, inspired by feedback from the active Discord community.

These updates include better game stability, enhanced device compatibility, and various other enhancements that improve the overall gameplay experience.

Paragon Pioneers 2 is designed to be a rewarding city-building game that grows with you. 


  • Plenty of updates after the first game
  • Improved in almost every aspect
  • Calm and fun


  • Idle mechanics can be frustrating
  • Takes too long to get everything

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