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Free online storage for Microsoft PCs

In the simplest terms, OneDrive works the same as Dropbox, serving as an online hard drive for computers. It also enables you to sync to your account from your mobile device and access your files on the go.

Free online storage

Microsoft OneDrive is a desktop client for the storage app of the same name, offering up to 25GB of online storage. It offers plenty of storage and is easy to use.

Microsoft OneDrive is a part of the Windows Live suite by Microsoft. The storage space allows you to access your files from a variety of devices, offering applications for Mac, Android devices, and iOS.

To access OneDrive, you need to create a Windows Live account. This profile is free and gives you access to other Microsoft services as well. Once you do this, you can find OneDrive in the drop-down menu on your account homepage on the Microsoft site.

As a client, OneDrive is easy to use. After installation, it creates a folder on your system, where you add a copy of all of the items that you want to be stored online.

Apart from a generous amount of storage, OneDrive offers fantastic integration with other parts of Windows Live. For example, it enables you to remotely control operations on your PC and perform other configuration actions.

Finally, the recently introduced selective syncing allows you to choose the files you want to be added from your cloud storage. For instance, you can add data to your OneDrive folder and access only some of the files from other devices. You can keep the rest in the cloud to save space on your device.

Where can you run this program?

Microsoft OneDrive runs on Windows OS from 7 to 10, as well as a web app in your internet browser.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. While OneDrive is free and generous, it’s not ideal; its navigation can get confusing and it limits the file size you can upload. Dropbox is the most popular alternative, and Google Drive and Box are other major competitors.

Our take

OneDrive is the most generous and handy storage option for Microsoft users. It’s highly functional and efficient. With its frequent updates, it’s catching up with the competition.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you use Windows Live a lot. However, if you don’t, there are alternatives that will serve you much better.


  • Massive amount of storage
  • Simple upload system
  • Free to use
  • Selective synchronization


  • Confusing navigation
  • File size limits

OneDrivefor iOS


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