Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demofor Windows



Oliver Hamlin and Cameron Lee developed and designed this game in RPG maker to pay homage to their favorite genres. Odicia is a retro adventure game that has traces of original JRPGs, Shonen mangas, and old cartoons and video games.

Explore dungeons and fight monsters

Odicia feels like a game from people’s childhoods, but its original characters and witty dialogue help keep it fresh, mixing nostalgia with authenticity.

The story is a classic, Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure. You’ll follow the dangerous quest of Eyala Troy, a fire mage, and her party. In the setting, the Kingdom of Valhara is looking to cleanse the realm of Scions, mystical creatures living in your world. Your goal is to stop them and explore the world as you do so.

To start, you’ll recruit up to nine party members, all of which come with customizable skillsets to help you in battle and exploration. Remember, the more diverse your field abilities, the better you’ll fare. As you travel through the dungeons, you’ll run into cells packed with puzzles and secrets. There will also be monsters and enemies to fight, which you engage through contact.

Odicia uses a familiar turn-based system for combat. Each party member has unique attack styles and spells for you to combine for victory. Unfortunately, the gameplay takes only an hour at this point, meaning that you won’t get to explore these abilities too much.

All visual assets are original and custom-made, meaning that you’ll see new animations with each step. The background music is also the authentic work of an independent creator.

Where can you run this program?

This game is compatible and will run on Windows operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, because as it stands now, Odicia is still so short. If you like indie RPG games, Undertale is a must-try. Stardew Valley and Spelunky are also exciting, enjoyable alternatives.

Our take

While it still contains many bugs that need fixing, Odicia’s wholesome atmosphere and authentic characters represent a nice take on the genre that any fan will enjoy. The game is still in development and will only get better with time.

Should you download it?

If you are big on this game type and looking for a new world to explore, this game is worth checking out. If you’re ambivalent, wait for the developers to develop the demo further to experience a more polished game.

Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demofor Windows


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