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MyChart is a free, handy health app that lets you communicate with your doctors, access medical data, schedule appointments, and estimate their price. Epic Systems Corporation developed this secure online portal to facilitate connection and sharing, making healthcare more accessible for all platform members easily and conveniently.

Easy setup

This app isn’t a comprehensive private practice portal like NextGen Office. It’s for regular users, so the setup is pretty straightforward. Once you sign the EULA, find your healthcare organization on the MyChart website to connect to your doctors.

The next steps include account creation, which revolves around security. New users can set up passcodes or fingerprint authentication procedures for quick and safe login. Enable push notifications in your settings to let the app send you alerts, and you’re good to go. Moreover, if you have accounts on other healthcare or fitness apps, you can integrate them with MyChart. That way, your doctors get access to your health-related data.

All-encompassing data

The platform creates your health account, containing all relevant information your GPs or specialized professionals might require. The app updates your record with each test you take, medication you start using, and allergies you discover.

The wide array of charts and graphs paint a full picture of your condition, which you can print from the app. Notably, if you suffer from any ailment, you can access the Plan of Care feature, summarizing everything you need to do to handle it.

Communication and scheduling

MyChart resembles WELL in its communication features, but it offers a bit more than this popular alternative.

The communication platform gives you access to your medical records and clinical notes, letting you use them to view open slots and schedule new appointments as needed. The portal also features e-visit and video visit capabilities, making regular checkups much more accessible. You’ll also find information about nearby facilities, procedures you need to follow up on, and online payment tools.

Our take

Overall, this app grants you access to a comprehensive platform for health monitoring and medical management in a well-put-together package. It makes overly complicated processes straightforward, making itself exceptionally useful.

Should you download it?

Yes. Even with its occasional bugs and crashes, MyChart is a highly functional, well-executed app that makes health maintenance seamless.


  • Contains all essential medical data
  • Schedule appointments easily
  • Integrate bill coverage
  • Fitness app integrations


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