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TigerConnect (formerly TigerText) Clinical Communications for Healthcare Teams. TigerConnect provides real-time, secure, encrypted messaging and collaboration platform for healthcare teams.

TigerConnect provides healthcare organizations with enhanced communication capabilities and real-time data to improve clinical outcomes and drive efficiency. Through its secure, HIPAA-certified, technology-infused application, you can securely share clinical data on any device including iPhones, iPads, Android, and Windows mobile devices. This secure, real-time communication platform puts you in the driver's seat with clinical decision support and care management solutions that are ready to transform the way you work.

You can send secure text messages to any other device in your organization. Messages can be shared with caregivers and other clinical team members. You can receive them on your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop and reply to incoming text messages right from your computer screen.

TigerConnect works seamlessly with the majority of EHRs on the market. In hospitals and long-term care, it can be used for clinical communication between healthcare professionals and between patient care team members. TigerConnect is optimized for mobile devices. In your EHR, TigerConnect will allow you to view clinical alerts and patient data right in the palm of your hand or on a tablet screen. You can also view and respond to messages on your desktop or laptop.

If you would like to download the TigerConnect app or get more information about it, please visit our website.

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TigerConnect - Clinical Solutionsfor Android


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