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Kombat in Pocket: Mortal Kombat Review

"MORTAL KOMBAT" by Warner Bros. is an action-packed mobile game that brings the iconic Mortal Kombat X fighting experience to your iPhone. With 3 on 3 duels, collectible characters, customization options, and the classic Fatality moves, this game delivers the thrill of combat on a handheld device.

Optimized for Mobile Devices:

"MORTAL KOMBAT" seamlessly transitions to mobile, combining character rosters from Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11. Players can create teams of unique characters with different Disciplines and Classes, leading to strategic team synergies. The game simplifies controls with intuitive tapping and swiping gestures for various actions, making it accessible to all players. Special Attacks can be unlocked through gameplay or upgrades, enhancing the combat experience.

Variety of Activities and Features:

From Test Your Luck for daily rewards to Challenge Mode with exclusive gold Kards, "MORTAL KOMBAT" offers diverse gameplay modes and challenges. Feats of Strength unlock for gold or diamond characters, providing customization options and permanent character upgrades. Quest Mode and Shao Kahn’s Tower offer additional challenges and rewards, while Faction Wars introduce seasonal PVP matches with unique rewards like Blood Rubies. The game also features Cross-Platform Unlocking, encouraging players to engage across different devices for additional content.

Mobile Fatality:

Experience the intense fantasy combat of Mortal Kombat on your iPhone with "MORTAL KOMBAT." Despite some grindy aspects, the game remains engaging, especially when unlocking new characters and executing satisfying Fatalities.

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