Meme Deep Fryerfor iOS



Deep-frying and warping memes is easy with this app from My Learning Apps Ltd. This Meme Deep Fryer offers a range of templates and effects to help you create the perfect meme and share it with the world.

What it memes

With Meme Deep Fryer, there’s no need to go to your computer to create hysterical or informative bite-sized media. The app allows for easy meme-making and sharing to your favorite platforms.

Fried memes are those that have their visual properties exaggerated for artistic purposes. Instead of moving to your computer to do this, you can work with images and videos straight from your phone. You can use Meme Deep Fryer and edit GIFs, videos, images, and stickers.

You can make your own template or choose from the presents. There are generators for top-text, four-panel, two-text / two-image, fake texts, Breaking News, and Zalgo text. There is a range of filters and effects including saturation, pinch, twirl, lens flare, sun flare, tint, circle, and blur.

The user experience of this builder is seamless. You use multiple-touch to resize and rotate effects on your images. You can upload a range of file formats from .jpeg to .gif. The app also lets you fry the last frame of videos.

Where can you run this program?

Meme Deep Fryer requires iOS 12.0 or later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Mematic is a popular free generator, but it doesn’t offer all of the exciting deep-frying features. Deep Fry does do that, but the user experience isn’t as nice.

Our take

This app is well-designed and feature-rich. It offers users a range of fun templates, effects, and easy-sharing.

Should you download it?

Yes. You should download this program if you want to make deep-fried memes straight from your iPhone.

Meme Deep Fryerfor iOS


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