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Medieval: Defense Conquest - A Strategic Pixel Art Adventure

Medieval: Defense  Conquest is a very popular game on Android and iOS devices that lets you conquer the world. As a lord, your job is to protect your village and grow it into a powerful empire. It is very fun and popular among mobile gamers.

Defend against enemies

When you start the game, your main job is to keep your village safe from attacks. Here’s what you need to focus on to make sure your village survives and grows strong:

  • Train your soldiers: Turn your villagers into skilled warriors.
  • Build strong defenses: Make your village's walls stronger and tougher.
  • Set up weapons: Put archers and powerful ballistas on your walls to fight off attackers.
  • Upgrade your gear: Use your blacksmith to make better swords and armor.
  • Make better weapons: Create stronger bows and sharper arrows to keep enemies away.
  • Fight off attackers: Defend your village against waves of enemies and big bosses who want to destroy it.

As your village gets bigger and stronger, you'll start to take the fight to your enemies, capturing their outposts and turning them into part of your growing kingdom. It is really about how much time you spend on the game if you want to get better and better at it.

Key game features

Medieval: Defense Conquest has a lot of cool features that make every time you play exciting and challenging:

  • Lots of different enemies: Fight over 70 types of enemies, each with special skills.
  • Take over new lands: Plan how to take over and manage more than 40 different outposts.
  • Enjoy the look: The game has beautiful old-style graphics that show off landscapes and characters.
  • Keep growing offline: Your empire keeps earning money and growing even when you’re not playing.
  • Manage everything: Take care of everything from your village to your trading ships and make sure your empire thrives through smart upgrades.
  • Upgrade your defenses: Start with simple wooden walls and upgrade them to strong stone castle walls.
  • Make money through trade: Use merchants and trading ships to help fund your empire.
  • Automate your earnings: A smart banking system helps collect gold from your outposts automatically.

The game keeps getting better with new updates, adding new things to keep the game interesting for both new and experienced players.

Medieval: Defense Conquest is a great example of a strategy game that is fun and challenging. It mixes old-world themes with modern game features to give you an engaging experience where you can test your planning and strategy skills. 


  • Cute graphics for mobile devices
  • Support through Discord channels
  • Addictive gameplay


  • You need to grind pretty hard to get better
  • Each island takes you to almost square zero

Program available in other languages

Medieval: Defense Conquestfor iOS


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