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Paid third-person action-adventure game

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy by Square Enix is a paid action-adventure game that features a third-person perspective like Biomutant and Gears 5. You play as Star-Lord, the leader of the team who needs to pull the members together long enough to save the universe. It has an original story not featured in the titular movie but hosts the same heroes.

There are many combat combinations you can use, or you can call in your team for signature moves. As with the iconic comic books, you’ll have 80’s music to accompany your battles. The game also features outstanding graphics and special effects with intense boss fights.

Action gameplay

As you can expect from Square Enix and a Marvel game installment, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is packed with action around every corner. You’ll also need to make key decisions before and during each battle, some of which impact the storyline. The gameplay is progressive, so you can’t veer away from the plot with side quests.

Stunning visuals and sounds

The game has outstanding graphics with exceptional 80’s music and special effects. The enemies have beautiful features if you can stop shooting at them to appreciate it long enough. While the gun battles in this game are amazing, you will need to spend some time upgrading each of the heroes until they have their ultimate fighting abilities.

Combat strategies

Before you start a fight, you’ll need to decide how you’ll take on your opponents. You can call a huddle, where you can give the rest of your team a pep-talk. Your words can either encourage or discourage them, so choose them carefully. You want them to enter the battle with as much energy as possible.

Our take

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is the first game in a new series that takes you to the start of the team’s formation. While it has some movie influences, you’ll enjoy a completely new tale not seen on the big screen. Every action you take or decision you make will impact how the battles play out.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re a fan of this Marvel series or into action-adventure games set in outer space.


  • Beautiful visuals
  • Exceptional 80’s soundtrack
  • Upgrade your heroes
  • Lead your team with the right decisions


  • Linear progression and no side missions

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxyfor Windows


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