IGI 2: Covert Strikefor Windows


Tactical first-person shooter game

I.G.I 2: Covert Strike is a first-person shooter game by Innerloop Studios, published by Codemasters. The sequel has you playing as David Jones, an elite agent tasked with preventing World War III. It features 19 missions and multiple ways to complete them in both the singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Atmospheric and immersive

During the post-Cold War period, the fight for global supremacy grew even more brutal. 

Covert operatives are fighting against evil terror acts in the dark underground. The Institute for Geotactical Intelligence (IGI) sprang into existence amid the chaos, working tirelessly to prevent a catastrophe from breaking out. 

Like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, this title uses war as a backdrop for the first-person action, adding a narrative element to the unending gunfire. Its well-developed plot and varied methods to tackle each mission make it an exciting tale as much as a fun shooter. 

Challenging first-person action

You’ll notice there’s no training mode upon your initial launch. The gameplay is challenging from the get-go, relying on trial and error to show you the controls.

Even after you grasp the basics, the battles remain challenging. The game forces you to think tactically, developing defenses before you launch an offensive. Enemy camps are smart, AI-powered, and overwhelming.

However, you can fight back against the opposition. You’ll find 30 authentic weapons and multiple in-game items to help you develop a strategy to prevail over the demanding campaign.

Underdeveloped mechanics

Despite the well-imagined gameplay, control functions could benefit from being much more detailed. Although the software is lightweight enough for most PCs to run smoothly, the movement looks choppy and even feels restrictive at times. 

The mechanics are responsive and easy to follow, but it seems that the developers skipped some crucial aspects for a game that’s so bent on realism. You’ll have to be extra patient as you’re working around the game’s limitations.

Our take

Overall, although Covert Strike introduces some new features, it falls short of being an excellent sequel. It’s a good game if you play it for the story, but it could be better.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re ready to work through the gameplay issues and immerse yourself in the mission-driven plot. If the clunky mechanics bother you, then you are better off with something else.


  • Light on the system
  • Story-driven gameplay
  • Well-developed world
  • Rewarding missions


  • Lacks some important controls
  • No tutorials

Program available in other languages

IGI 2: Covert Strikefor Windows

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